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At Last, Herald Square Now Has a Giant Uniqlo to Call Its Own

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Today, two weeks after the line-inducing launch of Uniqlo's ginormous Fifth Avenue global flagship comes the long-anticipated opening of the Herald Square store on 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. When we got there around 1:15pm, the line had already spanned a few stores over, but moved surprisingly quickly—we somehow walked inside within five minutes.

In typical Uniqlo fashion, the first floor feels like a candy store, what with its neat, large stacks of brightly colored cashmere sweaters for $59.90. The same promos that the Fifth Avenue store has apply here, too: Light down men's jackets are also $59.90, Heattech long johns are $12.90, and good news—there are more $9.90 jeans.

The second floor is home to the womenswear, including those jeans. This section was a total mess, naturally, with only a handful of tangled 32" inseam pairs leftover. (Don't worry, though; the 34" long ones were better stocked, and Uniqlo's regular-priced jeans won't set you back too much, anyway.) We spotted a few Jil Sander fans shopping the final +J section on this floor, too, but the $9.90 jeans was where the mayhem was at.

Menswear is located on the third floor, which at the time was a lot less crowded than the second. The $9.90 jeans shelves were nearly fully-stocked, as was the rest of the floor, +J menswear included. Overall, shoppers were on a mission to shop. (We spotted countless men and women exiting the store with their free tote bags.) And they have plenty of space to do so. While the Fifth Avenue store is a gargantuan 89,000 square feet, the 34th Street store clocks in at 60,000. With all the hype Uniqlo's been throwing our way this year—two giant stores, multiple pop ups, a roller rink, and jeans under ten bucks—we doubt the bustle at the new store (conveniently located near Penn Station) will be dying down anytime soon.—Katherine Park
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