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Let's Discuss Jeffrey Campbell's Clodhoppers for a Moment

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Has Jeffrey Campbell officially crossed the border into crazytown? That's the question Julie Gerstein recently asked in a post on the Frisky, presenting eleven particularly "batcrackers" looks for evidence. The photo above, snapped at the LF in Cobble Hill, doesn't present much of a counterargument. Those handmade patchwork Litas will cost you $185, plus the price of an ankle brace when you inevitably fall off of them.

Of course, the very degree of insanity here is what makes Jeffrey Campbell such a hit with fashion bloggers. At this point, Litas are so popular that they've spawned a parody Tumblr. And it's hard to hate on the brand that brought us booties covered in cats. So we're throwing this one to you. Thoughts?
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