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The ToyWatch Shop on Madison is Actually a Pop-Up

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If you're in the market for a Missoni scarf that tells time, a bright neon jelly watch, or a chunky blinged-out timepiece, better head to the Madison Avenue ToyWatch shop soon. Turns out, the shop that opened in early December, which was billed as a flagship, is actually a temporary space which will close on January 20. Fear not, though, watch-lovers. ToyWatch will return with a true blue flagship in April.

In the meantime, there are still a few weeks to enjoy the temporary flagship pop-up and the fun timepieces inside. The Missoni collab pieces ($445 each) come with imaginative straps—either light, flowy scarf wrap-around ties or the signature Missoni-knit straps that attach with leather clasps. Fans of flair will also enjoy the blinged-out pieces that run $500 and under. The heavy metal pieces (in black and white) run $350 and the delightful neon jelly pieces are $175 a pop.

ToyWatch insiders confirmed that the official and first US-based flagship will open this April in either the same diminutive space on Midtown's luxury-watch-row or possibly in a downtown locale. Only time will tell (har har).
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