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The Araks Teddy Makes for One-Stop Valentine's Day Shopping at Odin

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Just because a guy reads Selectism daily and knows his way around the Barneys Co-op doesn't mean he knows what to get his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Luckily, the good folks at stylish-boy boutique empire Odin recognize that menswear is from Mars and womenswear is from Venus, and they're here to help.

Starting tomorrow, all three Odin locations will carry the sheer Lily teddy ($220) by hipster lingerie brand Araks—the logic being that the fellow who shops at Odin dates the lady who wears Araks. This saves guys two distinct kinds of embarrassment: The kind that comes from trying to shop solo at lingerie stores, and the kind that comes from buying a chain-smoking, Opening Ceremony-loving girl something pink and shiny from Victoria's Secret.
· Odin New York [Official Site]

Odin New York

199 Lafayette Street, New York NY