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James Perse to Take Over Soho's Operations Corner

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James Perse, the king of laid-back LA fashion and a NYC sample sale favorite, is setting up shop at 60 Mercer Street in Soho. Perse, whose dad runs the popular Maxfield shops around LA and out at the beach in Malibu, will take over the heavily trafficked corner on Broome and Mercer opposite Gourmet Garage. That's the spot where Operations struggled before suffering an unfortunate shut down last spring. Signs now up out front, where the windows are all blacked out, boldly state in the minimal Perse style: "Opening Spring 2011."

Perse's cushy cottons for guys and gals, which seem to be doing well at his Bleecker Street locations, should also be a hit here. This new space is small, so it's unlikely that the Perse line of furniture will be on view. But we're hoping that his cool bikes and trikes will be on hand. Our friends at Racked National previously pointed out that "Perse in Finnish means Fart." But chances are that Perse in Soho will be anything but a stinker.
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