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Act Fast for Awesome Deals on Seize sur Vingt's Classics

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We just stopped by Soho's Seize sur Vingt for an exclusive sneak peak of this weekend's seasonal sample sale—and it's worth braving the puddles of slush. Just get there early. There isn't a ton of stock, and with such dramatic markdowns it won't stick around long.

Best bets are probably shirting for men and women. Usually tagged at $180 to $220, samples and overstock in a full spectrum of sizes are priced to sell at $60 and $80. Short-sleeved versions are only $40, as are a rainbow of striped and solid polos. Mix-and-match trousers and sports coats come in open-for-business gray, spring khaki, and an awesome electric blue. Trousers are mostly $60 or $80 from $190 to $275, with some higher range pieces priced around $200—look out for a yellowy seersucker, a winter white wool, and a denim trouser. Meanwhile, jackets are $200, $250 and $350. We only spotted three or four suits—they're going for $600 to $800, from around $2600.

The knits are—as always—our favorites. A Shetland cardigan with shawl collar is $195, and a button-shouldered crew neck with a double-enforced cell phone pocket is $90. Cashmere—simpler bodies, louder colors—is $120. Otherwise, look for a handful of lovely wool topcoats priced at $200, a lonely pair of lace-ups, and a stack of jaunty pajamas. The sale runs Saturday and Sunday in-store. Viva credit cards being welcome and dressing rooms being available!
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