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The Gap To Jump Across Broadway in Soho

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Last fall came the news that the Gap at 528 Broadway in Soho was subleasing some space to Canada's Aritzia. But it turns out that Gap is vacating this well-trafficked corner spot (where Banana Republic used to reign) and the jeansters are making the jump across Broadway to a slot where Payless shoes used to offer a questionable tribute to the Lower East Side.

The new Gap will be at 513 Broadway, and is now getting fitted out for a February opening. Leasing info (warning: PDF) for 513 Broadway shows that the new jeans emporium will take up three floors with 5,800 square feet of sales space, a big drop from the two floors with 15,000 square feet where basics have been offered since Soho's first Gap opened in late 2009. The always helpful Gap gang had no info about what's to come here at Spring and Broadway. Updates on the plans for Aritzia are non-existent. But it's fairly certain that this busy corner in the middle of the Soho mall won't sit empty for long.
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