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This Time Around, Inven.tory Really Did Shutter

Last year's prank closing sign
Last year's prank closing sign

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Last January, Nolita boutique Inven.tory—a clearinghouse of cool brands sold at a discount—posted fliers in its windows proclaiming "Store closing! (at 8pm tonight.)" At the time, it seemed like a cheeky way to advertise an 80% off sale, but now it looks like they're the store that cried wolf, or at least wolf-print silk-screened t-shirt.

In the middle of last month, a "store for lease" sign appeared on the window of the Lafayette Street storefront. The store website disappeared, the phone was disconnected, and the Facebook page took to posting nothing but strange photos and Tumblr-versus-Facebook propaganda. Maybe those discounts were just too high, or the rent on their space (which was admittedly pretty massive) got to be too much to handle? Either way, farewell, sweet Inven.tory: We'll miss you and your markdowns.
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237 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012


237 Lafayette Street, New York NY