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It's All About 'Le 69' for Comme des Garçons and Paco Rabanne

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Paco Rabanne. There's a name you don't hear very much these days, and yet?and yet!?it was only forty-five to thirty-five years ago that Rabanne was the hottest name on people's lips. He is a fashion innovator whose looks epitomized the times; Brigitte Bardot was a big fan. Paco used unconventional materials in his designs, and thus it isn't so much of a surprise that the brand re-issuing one of Rabanne's iconic handbag designs is Comme des Garçons.

It's Le 69, a handmade accessory that the London Museum of Design named one of the "50 Bags That Changed the World," and it's back. There are nine different ones on display (and for sale) at the CdG Boutique on West 22nd Street?oops, only seven now, as two already sold yesterday.

Three of the bags?the perspex, black rubber and aluminum?are specially requested by Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons, while the brown and red leathers, stainless steel and stingray leather are classic Paco. Even if you aren't serious about laying down the $1145-$2460 for one, you can stop into the CdG store to check them out up close...before they're gone.

Dear Daphne Guinness: you need that stingray one for reals.
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