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Sleepwalking Comedian to Spend Next Week in a Macy's Window

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Comedian Mike Birbiglia has a sleepwalking disorder that causes him to act out his dreams. He's talked about it onstage and written about it in a best-selling book, Sleepwalk With Me, and now he's taking it to the windows of Macy's Herald Square flagship for a promotion with Downy fabric softener and Macy's bedding.

Birbiglia plans to spent the week hanging out in the window display next to a queen-sized bed. When he's awake, he'll talk to fans and use the internet. As for what he'll do when he's sleeping, well, that's sort of up to his REM behavior disorder to decide. He tells MSN Entertainment:

The truth is, Downy is going to great lengths to make sure that I am comfortable and safe. I will be under constant sleep supervision by a security guard who is prepared to feed me warm milk and read me emergency bedtime stories.

And he says he's not worried too much about bad dreams:

The good thing about sleeping in the window of a Macy's department store, is that there is a good chance I could run around in my sleep thinking I am trapped in a department store, and I would be right. I'm unlikely to have a dream that is stranger than the reality I'm living.
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