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Todd Selby Swears By Miller's Oath in the West Village

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New York City has more stores than anyone could physically tackle, but somehow we always keep returning to the usual suspects. To break out of the rut, we've asked some of the city's shopping and fashion gurus to provide their hidden retail gems—those unique stores around our fantastic island (and beyond) that we might not all know about. Cue The Beatles: We're about to get a little help from our friends.

Photo via Full Frontal Fashion

Today's subject is the one and only Todd Selby, the photographer who has taken us inside the homes and offices of every tastemaker under the sun. From the Visionaire headquarters, as shown by Cecilia Dean, to the home of interior designer Ryan Korban, his addictive blog The Selby is as colorful as it is creative. He just summed up the past year that was in a series of "Greatest Hits," images which should give you a good idea of what 2011 will hold. In the meantime, here's where The Selby himself grabs bespoke duds.

"My favorite shop is Miller's Oath in the West Village. I think they have a unique perspective which I really dig. They are making me a custom tux and some tux shirts which are super player. They do some conservative-with-a-twist-type creations, but also are great at doing more creative player-style formal wear. You know...tuxedo shirts that are waffled instead of ruffled, small rounded collars, lush fabrics, cashmere camel coats. The suits and shirts are made in America. It's all based on a family store that was somewhere in the midwest and they have some amazing photos there that I love checking out. It's appointment only."—Yale Breslin
· The Selby [Official Site]
· Miller's Oath [Official Site]

Miller's Oath

510 Greenwich Street, New York NY