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Adidas Helps Kids Help Haiti; Garance Doré's Flea History Lesson

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NEW YORK CITY—Adidas and shoe charity Soles4souls have teamed up on a project that raises money for schools both in Haiti and at home. On January 22, local Adidas Sport Performance, Originals, and Factory stores will begin selling the "This Is Not a Shirt" tees for $20. Half of the price helps Soles4souls rebuild schools in Haiti; the other half goes to whatever school the buyer chooses. And it doesn't stop there: Students can register their shirts online at Wears My Shirt, which tracks each school's progress. In February, they'll donate a special grand prize to the winning institute of knowledge. [Racked Wire]

FORT GREENE—At the Brooklyn Flea this weekend, street style photographer Garance Doré found a vintage jacket with a big label reading "G.Fox & CO" and a smaller, hidden label that said "Christian Dior New York." Turns out that in the '50s and '60s, American department stores would buy the exclusive rights to French collections and then make their own versions in the United States. Doré loved the Flea, by the way, calling it "downright awesome" and posting photos of One Hanson's spectacular ceiling to her blog. [Garance Doré]

One Hanson Place

, Brooklyn, NY 11243

Adidas Sport Performance

610 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 (212) 529-0081 Visit Website

The Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson

One Hanson Place, Brooklyn NY