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Williamsburg End Times: Marshalls Considers Space on Bedford

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Looks like Duane Reade's beer room has made Williamsburg safe for other major chains. The Real Deal reports that Marshalls wants a piece of the Bedford Avenue action. Take a minute and let that sink in. The big chain currently eyeballing a space on Bedford isn't Apple. It's not even Target. It's Marshalls. Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange can't be too happy about the news—but this lady is probably thrilled.

The space Marshalls wants, 242 Bedford Avenue, is a rusted-out shell that's been sitting empty at N. 4th Street for ages now. Not only is the development there stalled, but its ownership is under dispute. Still, Marshalls sounds pretty serious about moving in. Crazier still, so does CVS, despite the fact that Duane Reade is literally next door. Our sibling site Curbed dug up a rendering, and it looks just like the suburban malls that most of young Williamsburg moved to Brooklyn to escape. They're going to have to install an awful lot of beer rooms to make the neighborhood feel good about this.
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242 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY