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The City's Trash is Bloomingdale's Soho's Treasure

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Ooh, how topical! The two small, easily overlooked windows at the front of Bloomingdale's Soho location are telling the city's recent Snowpocalypse story, only with a chic slant.

In one window, a mannequin dumps a bucketful of "snow" onto a cardboard skyline mimicking New York, while in the other, another mannequin has turned an overflowing pile of black trash bags into her makeshift throne. Both are dressed in stark white ensembles, with a little sparkle here (the cuffs on the jacket) and a little sparkle there (a pair of silver glitter Guess heels), but each is a cute little nod to the snowmageddon and sanitary department issues that's dominated NYC streets of late.

Very nice, Bloomies. It's only too bad the trash bag pile is lost on the Soho tourists.
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