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Brandy Melville's Casual Chic Hangs Out in Soho

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Brandy Melville, an informal Italian import with a big heart, has opened up shop at 83 Spring Street in Soho, a safe stroll away from all the Kardashian khaos. Brandy offers a dose of anti-Dash: the interior is a mix of rustic and rural, perfect for NYUers who want to pretend they're really in Ithaca. Long tables are strewn with cottons and linens in muted earthy tones, all in the comfy Anthropologie mode. Brandy has already made her mark in City of Angels, with one shop in Westwood and another in Santa Monica. Unlike the noisy trio from Tinseltown, constantly scrambling for attention down the block, Brandy Melville is playing the good girl, kicking back and letting kids with cash come to her.
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