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Massive Men's Sale in Park Slope; 7-Eleven's Expansion Plans

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PARK SLOPE—Rugged men's store Hog Mountain seemed like a good idea when it opened on menswear-starved Fifth Avenue in October 2009, but now the store is shuttering, according to FIPS. It sounds like they're going out with a bang, though: "RED HOT SALE ALERT: socks are only $1 for a pack of 3! And not shitty Hanes socks, real fancy MAN socks. Get 'em while you can! The store is almost emptied out at this point, but Levi jeans are going for $35 a pop, and there is a cool table for $150 that I wish I had space for." The store owner told FIPS that they're going into the wholesale boot business. Park Slopers, any theories about why this shop didn't last? To the comments! [Fucked in Park Slope]

MANHATTAN—While Walmart desperately courts New Yorkers with a fancy new website, 7-Eleven has a simpler plan for retail domination: Show up and hope nobody notices until it's too late. The chain, which wants to open 100 Manhattan locations in the next five years, plans to have at least 15 to 20 new stores here by the year 2012. Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about after all. [Crain's]

Hog Mountain

192 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY