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Fashion's Night Out's (Not So) Little Secret: Sales and Discounts

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In less than two days, the second annual Fashion's Night Out extravaganza will be here. We've brought you top ten lists so far from Top Eats to Top Stuff, but there is one under-the-radar gray area topic that we're almost afraid to broach: Sales and discounts on Fashion's Night Out. In that supremely awkward Anna Wintour interview on Jimmy Fallon, Ms. Wintour herself emphatically proclaimed that there will be "no sales", yet no matter what, there's no keeping a good sale down.

From big name chains to small indie downtown shops, there are either blatant sale announcements or some creative euphemisms promoted all over the city and some on the FNO site itself.

Of the big-name chains, American Apparel would be the biggest offender to flout Anna Wintour's decree. Not only is American Apparel is throwing (and heavily promoting) a full-on Factory Sample Sale from 5pm to 8pm at the Broadway and Howard Street location, there will also be 10% discounts at "participating" stores across New York. And at Banana Republic, the "shopping incentives on full-priced merchandise" at all locations pretty much sound like sales to us.

There are also the smaller indie shops, which we have a pretty much impossible time faulting for offering extra impetus to shoppers to come down to their shops. It's hard to compete with a chance to karaoke with Mary-Kate and Ashley at Barneys or shuck oysters with Costello Tagliapietra. Even C.O. Bigelow has Vinny from the Jersey Shore discussing his favorite tanning products. Amongst the sales we found (and would really love to visit): Stella Filante on Orchard Street is offering " exclusive chance to save" on fall merchandise and Poppy with Geren Ford in Nolita is offering 25% off the entire fall footwear collection.

Speaking of the Lower East Side, there's also a 10-store scavenger hunt spearheaded by Ferality on Clinton Street. If shoppers visit all stores to complete the hunt, they will receive 15% off their next purchase at participating stores to redeem in the next 90 days. Which of course isn't specifically a sale for Friday, but the flier (below) does mention "stop in each store for sales, giveaways.." Convent, a participating shop is offering "additional incentives on entire store and samples" which kinda sounds like roundabout way to say sample sale.

Now, we don't mean to call out anyone for trying entice shoppers into their stores and bringing on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that this country was built on. Hopefully this helps coax more shoppers into expanding their shopping horizons and opening up their wallets on Friday. But we have our eye on you, Dov Charney.
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