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Rag & Bone Screen A Documentary of Fashion Week Craziness

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In the quiet, art-filled basement of the Crosby Street Hotel last night, R.J. Cutler premiered his short film For The Love of Fashion, a behind-the-scenes documentary of Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's journey through their two shows at last Spring's Fashion Week. The event was sponsored heavily by Frappuccino—who suggested The September Issue's director collaborate for a short fashion film in the first place—so the caffeine flowed freely among already–hopped-up Fashion Week participants.

The pre-screening cocktail hour was oddly intimate. So intimate, in fact, that we saw a waiter present designer Marcus Wainwright with a tray of brown bags filled with popcorn, only to have him take a large handful out of one, leaving the bag where it was. After an awkward pause, he was informed he could take it all, as we were going into the theater for the screening. For a movie about him.

The documentary, with as much backstage Fashion Week craziness as you could hope for, was superb. Currently available for viewing on both Rag and Bone and Frappuccino's websites, it lasted just ten minutes, and there seemed to be a communal sense of disappointment that its ending had come so abruptly. All those leggy blondes in adorable winterwear made fall something to look forward to, and seeing the designers stress and fret about their February runway shows on screen when they're in the audience, two days away from their Spring 2011 shows, stressing and fretting in the exact same way, was worthy juxtaposition. Too bad R.J. won't be around this time to capture it, too.
· Official Site [Rag & Bone]
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