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Inside Fashion Week's Main Tent at Lincoln Center

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Although we'd argue that some of the best action goes on in Lincoln Center's public plaza, there's no denying that everyone wants to be inside the main tent. If you're holding a show invitation, wearing a press credential or official Fashion Week pass, or you're just confident enough to walk straight up to and through the guards at the entrance, then this world is all yours...until it gets torn down at the end of next week.

Inside, it's not the barrage of free stuff many imagine, but there are all the Starbucks Frappucinos and VIA instant coffees you can drink and all the POP Chips you can eat, plus stacks of WWD and other fashion industry publications to spill the former things all over. Maybelline is giving away one cosmetic per person and the "media lounge" has moleskine-style AOL journals, but it's up to you to decide whether or not hauling around a plastic bag of cheap freebies compliments your outfit or not.

The differences between the main tent at Bryant Park and the new main tent at Lincoln Center are glaring. Lincoln Center's doesn't feel as though it could blow away in a strong windstorm and those who've described it as "airport-like" are right on. The self check-in machines, the miles of stanchions under blue neon lights and the flatscreens displaying runway show information over the entrance for each venue all evoke the style of a modern airport. It's just too bad that their WiFi is horrible, with their network currently blocking out Mac devices. We'd gladly take airport WiFi over it.

Are you reading this in the hopes of crashing some shows this season? Stay tuned, because tomorrow we'll detail all that and whether it is or is not possible with the tech advancements of Lincoln Center.
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Lincoln Center

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