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Mayor Bloomberg Rides the Fashion Line to Lincoln Center

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In anticipation of tomorrow's Fashion Week kick-off, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Diane Von Furstenberg and other Fashion Week and Lincoln Center bigwigs hosted a press conference this morning to inaugurate the Fashion Line, a.k.a. the temporarily renamed No. 1 train, in honor of Fashion Week's new UWS home. There's a new sign and everything, plus Mayor Bloomberg walked the walk (or rode the train, rather) by taking the subway himself and dramatically ascending from the 66th Street stop.

Mayor Bloomberg expressed enthusiasm on Fashion Week's new digs at Lincoln Center, "the establishment of arts and culture" and also excitement for more "room to innovate" in the larger and renovated space. Of course we've now come to expect the Mayor's endearingly curmudgeonly humor coming through in his speeches, as he introduced DVF as "Somebody when I guess I grew up, I never thought I would get to know" and suggesting that hubby Barry Diller "pick up the check" upon any dining opportunities with the couple.

The Mayor and DVF—looking chic in a black cardie layered over a black and white graphic tunic and accessorized with a large chunky gold chain bracelet—also emphasized the importance of New York and New Yorkers in the fashion industry. Did you know that New York has twice the number of fashion houses than any other city in the world? So New York truly is the fashion capital of the planet.

Never one to shy away from hot-button topics, Mayor Bloomberg also emphasized the importance of immigration reform. Pointing out that many young designers and fashion students are from other countries, the Mayor credits the emerging talent as "the ones who will be creating the next wave of jobs in our fashion industry." We can also depend on the Mayor to adorably mangle a few names, too, like "Hilfinger" (our favorite), "Oscar de la Renter" and "Carolina Herrerer".

The most important question of the day was of course: What is the Mayor wearing? His very comprehensive answer: An Hermès tie ("it's French"), Brooklyn-based tailor Martin Greenfield's suit ("the same guy I get all my suits from"), underwear from Bloomingdale's (which begs the question, boxers or briefs?), socks from Filene's Basement (love that he bargain shops for socks like most of us do) and a Paul Stuart shirt. The mayor qualified the rundown by saying that he only knew the answer because someone asked him earlier. Also, "you could have asked me that any day and gotten the same answer. I'm a fashion designer's nightmare." Oh, but we beg to differ.
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