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Racked's Guide to Fashion's Night Out 2010: Top Ten D-List Celebs

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You are now allowed to hyperventilate. The program of Fashion's Night Out goes on and on and to help you decide your itinerary for the evening of September 10, we've done the dirty work. We've presented many Top Ten lists for the events already, including everything from Top Ten Eats to Top Ten Gimmicks. Today, we're digging around the bottom of the barrel for the Top Ten D-List Celeb Appearances.

Not every store can score themselves a headline-grabbing celeb for Fashion's Night Out, but you can bet that they will try. Here are the ones who were successful, with guests like Victoria Beckham, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Sarah Jessica Parker. After the jump, the flip side of that with Fashion's Night Out's oddest celebrities?the D-listers.

10. "Recessionistas" author Alexandra Lebenthal at Judith Leiber
Lebenthal isn't a celeb per se, but she is a "Wall Street Insider" who wrote this book about socialites living during the 2008 economic collapse. It's total chic lit and we highly doubt that women who shop at Judith Leiber would ever call themselves a "Recessionista," so why is Lebenthal doing a signing there during FNO? It's simple; Leiber's glitzy clutches star on the cover of the book. 6-7pm. 680 Madison Avenue.

9. Stars of "Boardwalk Empire" at Bloomingdale's
The new Martin Scorsese-directed HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" doesn't even premier until next Sunday, the 19th, but Bloomingdale's is having some of their actors over during FNO to recreate scenes?possibly in the store windows?and add atmosphere to their mini-casino hosted by Harrah's. Too bad nobody knows who most of these people are yet. 6pm. 1000 Third Avenue.

8. Elijah Wood at Adidas SLVR
Actor Elijah Wood is a self-proclaimed music geek and not too shabby on-screen, but we just don't know about banking a party on having him behind the turntables. His biggest gig lately was at the Amoeba Music Store in Hollywood. Can FNO trump that? 108 Wooster Street.

7. Joss Stone at Nine West
It's been said many times before, but here it goes again: celebrity collaborations aren't all that and a bag of chips. Stone designed some limited-edition shoes for Nine West, so she'll be there to show them off, even though her celebrity peaked five years ago. 675 5th Avenue and 53rd Street.

6. Evan Lysacek at Vera Wang
Sure, he's an Olympic figure skating champion and a second place finished on the show Dancing with the Stars, but his placement on DWTS should have been the warning that Lysacek's 15 minutes are up. Vera Wang, a former competitive figure skater herself, is giving him a couple more minutes at 7:30pm on FNO. 138 Mercer Street.

5. Kelly Rowland at Cesare Paciotti
Rowland is best known as one of the original members of the group "Destiny's Child," aka the Beyonce Girls. Rowland was once a firm figure in the front rows of every other fashion week show, and she co-hosted Bravo's dud "The Fashion Show" with Isaac Mizrahi. 833 Madison Avenue.

4. Amanda Lepore and Cazwell at Patricia Field
So this should be interesting. We love us some occasional Lepore and she is a transsexual icon, but her DJing at Patricia Field's is predictable and um...we'll just warn you that nudity is pretty much guaranteed. 302 Bowery.

3. Kimora Lee Simmons and Train at Macy's
The moment that Kimora got "fired" from her position as the head of Phat Fashions, the world wondered what had happened. Where'd the fabulosity go? Apparently into the pockets of those photoshopping her skinny. And, oddly, the group Train will be performing during a Tommy Hilfiger appearance at the store. 151 West 34th Street.

2. Tinsley Mortimer's dogs at Samantha Thavasa
Here's what it says on the official FNO website: "Tinsley will be on hand with her Darlings Bella and Bebe! Tinsley's furry friends will stand alongside their Designer Mom. Beware though-you may get 'Pawed!'" Need we say more? Just that her bomb of a reality show "High Society" was one of the most vapid programs in a world where vapidity in reality shows is valued, and yet it still sucked. She's got handbags to see her through, though. 5:30-6:30pm. 965 Madison Avenue.

1. Vinny Guadagnino at C.O. Bigelow
Lord help us that, a whole season after it would been cool to see one of the Jersey Shore clan in the front row at a fashion show, the least interesting of the bunch is the one being highlighted during FNO. Vinny?aka the one who stole the landlord's girlfriend in the first season?will be at C.O.Bigelow to talk about his "grooming product essentials." And here we thought that GTL was pretty straightforward. 7-8pm. 414 Sixth Avenue.

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