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Preview of FNO: The Show Reveals Models, Dancers and a Bus

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Even though Fashion Week doesn't officially start until Thursday, it really kicks off tonight with the sold-out fashion extravaganza known as Fashion's Night Out: The Show. This morning, models, staffers and producers were working hard in the blazing sun running last minute rehearsals for tonight's event. No much-discussed outfits or big name supermodels spotted this morning, but the rest of the cast (dressed in their own off-the-catwalk looks) were strutting their stuff in line formation. The models did have some sort of team designation by color. We managed to snap pics of the "yellow" group, while just missing the "red".

Rows of seating are already set up to surround a raised stage and the models were practicing their walks in a circle around the center. There is also a double-decker bus emblazoned with the words "Fashion's Night Out" parked at the foot of the stairs.

Interestingly enough, it looks like tonight's event will also have some sort of dancing component. We came just in time to see a group of men and women jump up onto the raised stage, looking more like a free-form Glee-style fist-pumping type of performance than something choreographed. Then the dancers strutted their way down the steps and onto the open level of the double-decker bus to continue the fist-pumps as the bus drove off. Awesome. (Although we have to say that the best part of the rehearsal was watching the bus stop and reverse back into the original parallel parking spot with the dancers still on the roof.)

We wonder if the dancers were the actual performers or just super-model place holders because we would love to see Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, Adriana Lima and company dance onto a city bus. Guess we'll find out tonight. Stay tuned for complete coverage of Fashion's Night Out: The Show.
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