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Old St. Pat's School Holds an Eclectic Yard Sale in Nolita

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St. Patrick Old Cathedral School at the corner of Prince and Mott in Nolita, recently shut down after nearly 200 years of molding young minds, is holding an on-going yard sale and offering an mish mash of items. Out front in the little courtyard, facing onto St. Pat's great brick wall and the Old Cathedral Outdoor Market across the street, are a collection of animal sculptures crafted in Mexico from cans of all sorts and colors. There's a big red rooster, an elephant in bright blue and whole family of plump piglets. Overseeing the crowd is a tribal chief, complete with a metallic feathered crown.

Follow the arrow up the steps and into the old brick building and behold remnants of school years past. Filling two rooms painted in colors we hesitate to describe are desks and chairs and bookshelves in various utilitarian styles. Looking to do some home schooling? Then this is the place to start. Also on hand are odds and ends, from science kits to art supplies to fake wooden rifles for drill practice. As might be expected, assorted religious tchotchkes abound, with some classic creches in various sizes and configurations waiting for a homey mantle.
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