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Fashion Week Cracks Down on Gatecrashers; A Kitchen Runway Show

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Screengrab via Fashion GPS

LINCOLN CENTER—This year, invitations to the shows at the Fashion Week tents are being organized by Fashion GPS, an online tracking system. When you RSVP to a show, you get a barcode to print out. Without that barcode, you won't be allowed in. Suddenly, it's going to be a lot harder to sneak into shows using the old "But I could have sworn I RSVP'd!" trick. Forbes sat down with Fashion GPS creator Eddie Mullon to find out how he managed to convince a notoriously tech-shy industry to embrace his product. [Forbes]

MIDTOWN—It seems safe to say that menswear designer Jay Kos might be hosting next week's strangest fashion show. Kos plans to display his spring collection while cooking a three-course dinner at the South Gate, a restaurant in the Essex House on Central Park South. Kos tells the New York Post that he's inspired by tomato season, but the paper approvingly notes that he's not "some kind of vegetarian softy"—his Park Avenue shop sells a pair of $35,000 alligator jeans. [NYP]

Jay Kos

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Lincoln Center

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