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At Least One Person Isn't A Fan Of Marc Jacobs' New Store

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While droves of Marc Jacobs fanatics continue to trudge over to Bleecker Street to get their fill of designer goods on the cheap, Jeremiah of nostalgia blog Vanishing New York is, well, none too pleased about the brand's newest West Village outpost BookMarc.

Having replaced neighborhood mainstay Biography Bookshop, which has since reopened further down the street as the reincarnated bookbook, the designer's "alternate, bizarro universe" has the same layout as its former owner, but with a lot less Book, and a whole lot more Marc.

Finding the shop to be full of visually stimulating books, accessories and not much more, Jeremiah noted that judging a book by its cover, down to its color, is the name of their trendy bookstore game:

Those that are made of words are arranged not according to author, but by the color of their spines... Why are [The Letters of Sylvia Beach and House of Versace] so paired? It makes no sense, unless you consider that olive green and black are the hot colors of the fall season. Don't they look great together?

Jeremiah shows understandable disdain for the shop's pricey handbags and punny faux-book blank notebooks, and even we can't help but agree that the inappropriately juvenile "Moby's Dick! Lol!" title is pretty lame. So, finding that "the greatest gift to be found in Bookmarc is the unparalleled view it gives us of the future of bookstores", he takes down the entire store and one of our favorite microwave meals in one fell swoop:

With books disappearing into digital pixels, in the future, it is likely that only sumptuous books loaded with visuals will be printed on paper. In the specialty shops where they'll be sold, you'll find fashion accessories mixed in, like cheese poured over broccoli, to make the medicine of even these digestible books go down more easily.

If you've waited in line before for a plastic bracelet, tote, or hair accessory from the former accessory store, you might want to proceed to the blog with self-confidence and caution. Especially if you've purchased a gold headband and don't have "19th Century literature" listed as an interest on your Facebook profile. Just a heads up.

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