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Half-Naked Crowd Hits 34th Street for Desigual Part II

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This morning marked Desigual's second Undie Party in Manhattan, following up last week's Soho shindig with a much more interesting surrounding—midtown.

The front of the line, clad in boxers, undies and even one risqué lingerie leotard, had been there since last night and still had more energy than the dumbfounded Midtown workers hustling past. Wrapped in clear ponchos to shield themselves from today's 100% chance of rain and chanting "take it off!" to the 9am office crowd, these kids were in it to win it, despite the gloomy sky hanging overhead.

We asked the riled-up bunch in the front of the crowd if they knew what they were going to pick out when inside, and the answer was a resounding yes. After all, who wants to wait half naked all night for a patterned dress they don't even like?

The line was energetic, but the further back you went, the more tired they seemed. The "party" actually continued around the corner, where a much sadder looking crop stood clothed—clothed!—in front of a Duane Reade, cut off from the media glory and the amused confusion of passersby. If you're going to wear sweatpants and t-shirts to an underwear party though, well, that's what you get.
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