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Expect Undercurrents of Exquisite Danger at the Tommy Boutique

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Attention fans of moderately priced prepster clothing: Your need for Tommy Hilfiger brand sweaters and khakis will no longer be met on Bleecker Street. Tommy Hilfiger is instead converting its Bleecker Street store into a new concept boutique which will carry Tommy, the brand's new diffusion line, targeted at twenty-somethings. The company has posted a "manifesto" on the window of the future Tommy store explaining both the transformation and brand concept to potential customers, which informs them that Tommy will include "the crazy, inspired twist that makes it so very now," as well as "the tiniest undercurrent of exquisite danger."

The complete description of Tommy posted on the door reads as follows:

Call us old-fashioned. Go ahead. Call us modern. That too. We are a bright and shining mishmash of past, present and future. Venerable tradition offset by plenty of rule breaking reinvention. Clothes are well-crafted and purposeful, realized in tip-top fabrics, with an irreverent streak and a big grin. It's an ode to the heyday of American heritage workwear and sharp dressing sportswear, with a healthy dose of attitude. Taking classic models and respectfully shaking them up until they look mussed, sassy and good, with the tiniest undercurrent of exquisite danger. Uptown ventures downtown and doesn't come back 'til morning. Downtown sallies uptown and charms with unexpectedly fine manners. We love to mix it up. We delight in a chambray shirt in bright red. We say yes to the crazy, inspired twist that makes it so very now. As a matter of principle, we believe in simple pleasures and making something of ourselves. We believe in saying what we mean and meaning what we say and wearing what we love.


There. We saved you the trip. The new collection is expected to launch in October, so you'll have your own delightfully red chambray shirt in time for Halloween. — Molly Vu
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375 Bleecker St #A, New York, NY