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A Bigger Apple: Soho Store Might Expand into Post Office Space

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The old post office on the day the iPad was released
The old post office on the day the iPad was released

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Some Soho residents have been been holding a grudge against the Apple store ever since the Prince Street Post Office, its next door neighbor, closed in 2009. As the theory goes, Apple forced out the mail carriers because it wanted the space. Now, at least one local is feeling vindicated: Writing in the just-launched neighborhood news site Nearsay, Soho Alliance president Sean Sweeney reports that Apple has signed a lease for the post office building.

It's still unclear how Apple plans to expand, although if we had to bet, we'd put our money on more sales floor. Sweeney isn't exactly thrilled about all this—he thinks it will lead to more sidewalk congestion—but there's something sort of appropriate about the old post office turning into a place where people check their email for free.
· Apple SoHo Said to Expand into Former Post Office [Nearsay]

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