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Bookstores and Banks Out, Discounters and Supermarkets In

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Crain's takes a look at who's leasing big, vacant retail spaces in Manhattan and determines that we're turning into a city of discount retailers. Consider the Century 21 moving into the former home of Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Square or the combination Syms/Filene's that just opened on the Upper West Side, not to mention the rapid expansion of T.J. Maxx. (Now might be an appropriate time to pour a little on the floor for the dearly departed Conran Shop.)

Oddly, while full-price clothing stores can't compete with these markdown powerhouses, upscale grocery stores can. Trader Joe's recently opened two more locations, Balducci's is looking for a new home, and Eataly is so packed you'd swear the recession never happened. A terrible snob might conclude that this is all going to lead to New Yorkers being ten pounds overweight and wearing last season's clothes. (Thank goodness we're not terrible snobs.)
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Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007 Visit Website

T. J. Maxx

407 East 59th Street, New York NY