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Desigual's Undie Fest Returns Tomorrow; Bed Bug Sabotage

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HERALD SQUARE—If you missed your chance to wait in line in your underwear in a very public place at Desigual's panty party last week, then you're in luck: The Spanish brand is offering a second giveaway tomorrow morning. Once again, the first hundred people who show up wearing nothing but underwear get two free items from the store. This time, though, after the 100-person cutoff, those who remain in line will be allowed to buy anything they want at 50% off. Doors open at 10am, and since the weather isn't supposed to be so great, Desigual has declared that you only have to strip down as of 9am. They'll also be handing out umbrellas, though they suggest you bring your own to be safe. [Racked Inbox; Previously]

MANHATTAN—ThreadNY asks a good question: How soon until stores start sabotaging their rivals by suggesting to the press that they have bed bugs? It's like sending your nemesis's purse to Snooki, only possibly more evil. [ThreadNY]


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