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Creatures of Comfort Was So Worth the Wait

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Corman, 9/24/10

When you walk into the just-opened Creatures of Comfort store on Mulberry Street, you're struck first by the smell of paint, and then by how massive and beautiful the store is. Owner Jade Lai maintained the airiness of the space by using rolling racks and small tables to display the artful clothes and accessories and setting up a sort of greenhouse where an airshaft once was.

The unfinished aesthetic goes well with the minimalist clothing, although it's a little tough to tell what's been left intentionally bare, such as the small amount of displayed merchandise, and what is a function of the recent opening, like the lack of price tags. Either way, shopping at Creatures of Comfort induces that "Gimme, gimme, gimme" feeling and we found ourselves touching every woolly, velvety and cashmere-y article of clothing in the store.

The New York location carries many of the same brands as their LA flagship, such as Acne, Tom Scott, MM6, and of course the house label, Creatures of Comfort. Their namesake line is the standout in the new store, with great looking capes, polka-dot shorts, denim button downs and dolman-sleeve sweaters. Besides a few wildly patterned dresses from Zero + Maria Cornejo, the clothes generally come in a muted palette and the effortlessly cool styles can be easily mixed and matched to create modern but relaxed outfits.

Of course, these throw-on styles will cost you. Sweaters range from $300 to $600 and denim begins at $180. The store is getting daily shipments of merchandise, so expect to get more familiar brands on display such as VPL, Christian Wijnants and others currently featured online.

Right now, the shoe selection is limited to a table of Repetto oxfords, ballet flats and an open toe heel for $375 plus some LD Tuttle flat boots. There are a few styles of Lauren Manoogian tribal-inspired necklaces for $80 to $160 scattered throughout, and some cozy looking winter accessories from Sin Yin Chau. It will be interesting to see how the store changes once they get more merchandise in (and whether they'll slash prices as much as they do during their online sales). Either way, look out for revolving artist exhibitions and lifestyle goods in addition to the cool clothes.—Rachel Traub
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