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Jeggings, Treggings, Pleggings...Uniqlo Isn't Playing That Game

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"Leggings Pants?" That is what's currently plastered on the large glass windows of Uniqlo on Broadway, and it marks another victory for what is quickly becoming fall's biggest trend?the "tregging." We already explained here that treggings are trouser leggings, more substantial than the leggings-as-tights so popular last year.

H&M, a huge Uniqlo competitor down on Broadway, is calling them by this portmanteau, but Uniqlo, it seems, is attempting to take the classier way out. No "jeggings" or even "pleggings" (pleather leggings) for them! There's just one problem here. We're even tempted to contract "leggings pants" to "peggings," but that would just be wrong. Instead, we stand behind this clever remark from a commenter: "'Treggings?' Seriously? Why don't we just call them what they are: a tight ass pair of pants."
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Uniqlo - Soho

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546 Broadway, New York, NY