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Desigual's Undie Party Brings Half-Naked Crowd to Broadway

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At 10am, Spanish fast-fashion purveyor Desigual will give free clothes to the first 100 people in line outside its Soho shop. There are just two rules: Each person only gets to pick two articles of clothing—oh yeah, and you have to show up in your underwear. Racked reporter Cynthia Drescher chronicles the madness below.

9:45am: Just arrived. The line stretches for two storefronts.

9:50am: Wow, there are a lot of guys here. Guess it's easier for them to wander around Broadway shirtless—after all, the Hollister employees do it all the time.

9:52am: It looks like there are just over 100 people in line, but some of them are fully clothed. Not fair!

9:57am: After a countdown, the first group entered the store.

9:58am All ages, all sizes here! If you qualify for the free clothes, they give you a lanyard.

10:00am: Interesting! Dude in full red long underwear qualifies.

10:01am: A dress code is emerging: Black bras and colorful panties among women, white boxer briefs on men.

10:05am: People's Revolution is doing the PR for this, so Kelly Cutrone is here. Right now she's recording the crowd with a Flip cam.

10:07am: Ha, some guy just came up to Stefanie Skinner and asked if he'd seen her on TV. Seemed like he was hitting on her, but it would have helped if he could remember the name of the show.

10:12am: It's easy to recognize the People's Rev girls: They are all typing on their phones and carrying newest Jeremy Scott Longchamp tote.

10:13am: OK, the first 100 are all in. They're all putting clothes right on, no dressing rooms required.

10:16am: The first person has emerged clothed! Looks like our work here is done. For the record, it's a guy, and he's still semi-naked. He explains that since he was only allowed two items, he figured he should skip the shirt.

11:20am: Photo Gallery is updated with better shots! Let this parting quote from Kelly Cutrone sum up the experience: "At least seeing everyone already in their underwear thins the dating pool easier."