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Big Jewelry for Small Prices at Fenton-Fallon

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Today and tomorrow afternoon, the little Fenton/Fallon boutique in Freeman's Alley is hosting a major sale, and while the individual pieces each make a big scene, their prices are positively shy and retiring.

Snake earrings, about four inches long and glittery-eyed, go for $25 a pair. More complicated earrings—angular '80s pieces, clusters of jewel-toned spangles, huge round Joan Collins earbobs—go for $40 or $50, meaning they'll test the strength of your earlobes more than they'll test the strength of your bank account.

Bracelets also fall in the $35 to $50 range, depending on size. But just like at the last sale, this is a danger zone, since building an armful of smaller stackable cuffs can start to add up. Alongside the strong '80s influence here is a sinister but sexy Egyptian/pagan vibe—rams' heads, pyramid studs, huge mythical-looking eagles. If you prefer your bangles abstract, you can also pick up chunky bracelets made of interlocking chains.

Which brings us to necklaces. In the less-expensive front of the store you'll find all sorts of layered statement pieces for $40 ($60 for collars.) In the back, $80 necklaces hang among vintage '80s tops from designers like YSL—themselves 60% off, but still relatively pricey. A rack of concert tees comes with more necklaces, again in the $40 range.

The sale runs this afternoon and tomorrow until 7pm. Allot yourself plenty of time to browse, and don't skip the bowl of $25 rings by the register, which is full of one-off pieces and vastly rewards rigorous digging.
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