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Alec Baldwin Says Jack Donaghy Dresses Better than He Does

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When we heard that Gildo Zegna and Alec Baldwin were hosting a party in honor of the Ermenegildo Zegna brand's centennial, we assumed that we'd just see a lot of corporate types mingling in beautifully tailored Italian suits while the A-List Baldwin was sequestered in some inaccessible VIP area. But only moments after we walked in the door of Zegna's Fifth Avenue flagship, Alec looked up at us from behind a counter of shirts, and jokingly asked, "What can I get you?"

The actor, who was looking quite dapper in his own grey suit, told us that not only is he a fan of Zegna, but he also likes the wardrobe that 30 Rock's (and Saturday Night Live's) talented costume designer, Tom Broecker, chooses for his Jack Donaghy character. When we asked, "Who usually dresses better, Alec or Jack?" Baldwin responded without hesitation, "Oh my character!" (We assume he was leaving all his Zegna pieces out of that equation.)

Even more surprising than Alec's accessibility was watching Gildo Zegna, the legendary CEO of the family-owned company, swapping blazers with one of the party's female guests. This wasn't quite the cross-dressing incident it might seem. The woman was wearing an oversized, boldly printed men's velvet blazer which turned out to be a very rare Emilio Pucci by Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo jacket that her father had bought in 1960.

Gildo was so excited when he spotted the piece that he not only tried on the jacket but offered to buy it. Soon a permanent swap was negotiated: The woman's father would get a free new suit, made from the company's special Centennial fabric, and Gildo would get the velvet blazer. He plans on giving to his own father, Angelo, who oversaw the Zegna reign under which it was created, as a present this Christmas.
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