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The Tea and Honey Store From Outer Space

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Renderings courtesy Rezi Consulting

The traditional pairing of tea and honey gets a serious face lift at the new Tea and Honey Store, located on Lexington Avenue and 64th Street. The store, designed by Guy Reziciner, is made to resemble a giant honeycomb (or perhaps a honeycomb-like spaceship). Though the unique design concept may imply that the store sells only bizarre types of teas and honeys from far-reaching locations (like outer space), The Tea and Honey Store actually combines locally made honeys with organically produced imported teas to create the perfect tea and honey pairings.

Examples of ideal tea/honey combos include Black Locust Honey from Long Island with Cherry Blossom Green Tea from Japan, and Vietnam Black Tea with New York Clover Blossom Honey. The store opens today, and is the second location for the retailer—the first is located in the Lexington passage at Grand Central Terminal. However, that store doesn't look like a honeycomb space ship, so we strongly suggest you check out the new one. — Molly Vu
· The Tea and Honey Store [Official Site]