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Want An Invite To Desigual's Undie Party? Take Off Your Top

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Image via <a href="">Desigual</a>
Image via Desigual

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Desigual, the Spanish brand specializing in crazy, multi-colored patterned clothing, is taking its Undie Party concept stateside for the first time this Thursday. Asking customers to come down to their Soho store in nothing but their underwear for their chance to get free clothes, its odd sort of shopping soiree is bizarre, but could ultimately be completely worth it.

The first 100 skivvy-sporting shoppers who line up beginning at 7am will be able to pick any two items from the store to cover themselves up with for free when doors open at 10am. After that, all remaining underwear-clad visitors still standing in line will receive 50% off any in-store purchases.

A little bit of confidence and the right spot in line could yield a free winter coat and pants. Or a skirt and a blouse. Or a dress and a chunky sweater! We think we'll make sure our prettiest pair of undies are clean for later this week, just in case. After all, we're slightly less terrified about baring our bums a stone's throw away from shirtless Hollister models as opposed to next week's early morning location: Midtown.
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