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Fashion Week Post-Mortem: The Tents Still Aren't Down

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Although last week's impressive run of fashion show after fashion show makes the Tents at Lincoln Center seem more like a wonderland where dreams come true rather than the pile of metal poles and white fabric, the end of the week brings the cruel reality that Fashion Week is so temporary.

Today, after four full days that they've had to tear it down, the main tent is still there. Nothing much else is, however. With another few days, Damrosch Park will be a park again, unless Gossip Girl has anything to say about it.

In the meantime, we're wondering if the tents are taking so long to come down because Gossip Girl has been filming at Lincoln Center, for either future Fashion Week or fine arts scenes. We'd guess the former. Serena, Chuck, Blair and all their assorted co-stars are still filming there, even today, so although Fashion Week is over, there's probably still some excellent people watching going on in the Plaza.
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