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Marc Jacobs' Bookmarc Brings Back Biography's Sidewalk Sale

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Before Bleecker Street landmark Biography Books moved to make way for Marc Jacobs' newest venture, Bookmarc, the store was famous for their large selection of biographies and for their used books sidewalk sale. Everyday, mostly without fail, you could count on passing a few minutes perusing the odd selection outside.

Just as Bookmarc kept Biography's bookshelves, they also seem to be carrying on this tradition, as when we recently passed, we noticed a $5 Sidewalk Sale table stacked with the most random title selection. Our guess is that it's old Biography stock.

Do Bookmarc's patrons really want to buy "Portrait of a Marriage" and "Children of Divorce?" Maybe "Train Your Doberman Pinscher" or "Freud and the Post-Freudians" is more suited to the demographic.
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