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Madison Avenue's Santoni Gives Sale Customers a Stern Talking-To

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The New York branch of Italian handmade shoe line Santoni shuttered this weekend with a big closing sale, and it looks like the employees anticipated a certain level of chaos during the shop's final days. Check out the fine print on the sign above, which specifies:

Santoni Staff Reserves The Right To:–CLOSE the store temporarily dependent upon the level of destruction wrought by women tearing through boxes (or men doing same)–Eject & Refuse Service To any man or woman who display blatant disregard for the boxes, the shoes within them or other customers or staff in their search for shoes. i.e; being a barbaric shoe freak. These are only shoes. Your life will not be lost if you don't find a shoe. Relax. A second sign consists entirely of "NO"s, including "No dogs" and "No baby strollers." At the bottom, there's a brief explanation:

***We're not anti–dog or baby. We ARE anti–handmade shoe falling onto the head of your dog or child and injuring them. It gets sort of nuts in here and we don't want the defenseless to be injured. Thank you for your consideration of our concern for your two and four–legged loved ones. SERVICE DOGS PERMITTEDBut...but...that's so reasonable! Anyone go? If so, let us know if you noticed any bad behavior.
· Santoni's Silly Signage [Mizhattan]