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Yoko Devereaux, Now on Gilt, Throws Itself a Resurrection Party

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Photos by Baschti Pollin

Yoko Devereaux rose from the dead on Friday night at the Soho Grand's Club Room, where an assortment of models, hipsters, industry types, and drag artists all mingled to celebrate the resurrection of the popular Brooklyn menswear collection. Models decked out in pieces from the new collection—now being sold exclusively through Gilt—stood idly by the entrance and took turns wandering back to the bar throughout the evening. A soundtrack provided by DJ's Royal Windsor Coven created the sensation of being inside the womb, as one black-clad passerby commented.

Partygoers looked on through a blur of spicy mango cocktails (courtesy of Milagro Tequila) as drag performer Joey Arias serenaded designer Andy Sälzer with Billie Holiday. The performance was seamless, even when interrupted by the sudden arrival of downtown nightlife staple Sophia Lamar and her gaggle of gays. The Club Room was packed even after the open bar ended, which is definitely an indication of a successful evening.

As for Yoko Devereaux's relaunch itself, the sale went live on Gilt at noon today and features new pieces interspersed with popular items from previous collections. Andy Sälzer assures us that this sale will be the first of many to come. Gilt's sales model will allow the Yoko Devereaux line more freedom to grow at its own pace. Sälzer says, "Working with Gilt allows me to focus more on the design and less on a traditional fashion schedule." While he does plan to expand the new collection, Sälzer says, "there's no rush."

Clearly Sälzer has kept busy during Yoko Devereaux's hiatus, but what of Monty the cat, a Store Sidekick veteran and infamous presence at the former Williamsburg boutique? Apparently, Monty has been eating very well over the past year. Sälzer told us, "That fat cat needs to go on a diet!" Hopefully a limited edition Monty printed tee is in Yoko Devereaux's future.—Noah Adler
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