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The Best of Daniel Krieger's Street Scenes

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After three years of shooting notably attired people all over the city, our Street Scenes photographer Daniel Krieger is moving on. You'll still be able to find his work at our sister site Eater, as well as on his own website. He leaves the feature in the capable hands of Kristin Corman, photographer and trend forecaster (with an occasional assist this week and next from Molly Aaker.)

As a way of saying goodbye, Krieger has picked out some of his favorite photos from over the years. Check out the slideshow above, and get his explanations of why he chose each person after the jump.

1.) Karl Edwin Guerre: "I personally love the style of someone like Guerre who I happened to randomly stop on the street twice over the past 3+ years I've been photographing the feature. This second time, his outfit was more to my liking than the first. I just like how everything works together and that bag is awesome and the fact he made it is even cooler. He has originality and confidence, and is just overall pretty smooth."

2.) Elaine: "This is the type of woman I love to stop for Street Scenes, but she's also the type that normally says no when I ask to take a photo. When Elaine agreed to be photographed, I was excited and remember the comments were overwhelmingly positive. She's classic rich New York and just has incredible style and presence for a lady her age. I also love the fact that I got Bergdorf in the background."

3.) Scout: "I saw her in DUMBO and loved her pose, outfit, and overall beauty. The way her hair was blowing in the wind and the collar of her sweater just made for an engaging photo."

4.) Dwain: "When I saw Dwain I was just hoping he would agree to be photographed and he happily obliged. He was on his way to see a show at Lincoln Center, and I loved the fact that he got so dressed up for it, the way people used to do."

5.) Patrick: "Patrick is well known in the fashion world and was very friendly when I asked for a photo during Fashion Week two years ago. It was a cool moment as all the swarms of people near the entrance of the tents kinda stopped and watched while I was shooting him."

6.) Harold: "I saw Harold standing outside of Thom Browne wearing the label from head to toe. You definitely need a certain body type to pull it off this style, and I thought Harold looked pretty sharp. I've shot a few people wearing Browne and at one point heard that Thom Browne told his employees not to agree to be photographed for Street Scenes because of some of the negative commenters."

7.) Michael: "I met Michael a few years ago in Chinatown. I was out doing some street photography with a photographer friend and was shooting 35mm film (normally I shot 99% of Street Scenes with digital) but I really liked his style so I took a few shots with my film camera. I realized I had seen him somewhere before—he turns out to be Michael Arenella who is a talented band leader. Since then I've seen him perform a few times and managed to shoot him again for Street Scenes earlier this year."

8.) Jordan: "I was doing an editorial assignment for a story on freegans out in some loft space in Brooklyn. I had no idea what freegans were when I got there, and it was a dinner party so I had a bit to eat. The entire time I was wondering why all this amazing-looking food was free. I mean, giant wheels of parmigiano reggiano were stacked like 5 feet high in one corner. Finally someone told me that freegans take their food from the trash, and although it doesn't bother me so much now, at the time I kinda just put my food down and stopped eating and felt a little nauseous. Jordan was at that party and agreed to be featured. He was hit pretty hard in the comment section but I love the photo and find him somewhat angelic-looking."

9.) Amber: "I realize Amber's outfit wasn't groundbreaking, but it was the right outfit for her on that day and the way she carried herself was just lovely, and she obviously photographs well."

10.) Tony Lee: "I photographed Tony during my first year of Street Scenes. He was smiling and laughing and loving the fact I was asking about his outfit. I love cool old guys like this. The thing is that in the past three years of going back to Chinatown to find subjects, I haven't found an old cat as smooth as Tony again."

11.) Tremaine: "I saw Tremaine in Tribeca and I just liked his confidence and style. The photo itself is one of my favorites I've taken through the years. I believe Tremaine was working at the J.Crew shop in Tribeca not far from where the photo was taken."

12:) Itzhak: "This young Brooklynite looked like he should be behind a set of drums. I knew immediately that this shot was meant for B&W, and it was one the rare times that my editors indulged me in allowing for a black and white photo."