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Upper West Siders Attempt to Define Local Style; Gym Vodka

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UPPER WEST SIDE—DNAinfo roamed the streets west of the park with a video camera asking people what they thought defined Upper West Side style. Answers range from "It's the most unfashionable neighborhood in New York, maybe America, maybe the world" to "These are chefs' pants. I'm not a chef, I just wear them because they're comfortable"—and those are both from the same dude. [DNAinfo]

ASTOR PLACE—The New York Observer reveals the dirty truth about David Barton's much-discussed vodka socials: Attendance is rather lackluster. Barton himself, however, sounds like everything we've ever dreamed him to be: "David Barton, an Ivy League-educated bodybuilder and native of Far Rockaway, Queens, is the most muscular man I've ever seen up close...He is a wild twitching creature from the gym lagoon, part midget pirate, part Oompa Loompa. We pump hands. I can't lie—his presence excites me in a pure, indelible way. Is it really possible to look like that?" [NYO]

David Barton Gym

4 Astor Place, New York NY