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If You Lived Here, You'd Be Dressed By Now

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Right now, there's a sun-drenched home for sale that's completely filled with vintage dresses and ball gowns. Yep—your childhood dreams are coming true at this very moment.

In an attempt to sell a $1.685 million dollar townhouse on the market in Harlem, broker Lara Turner has taken her unbelievable collection of vintage frocks and put them on display all over the home. Creating a makeshift fashion exhibit throughout the entire house, bedrooms, a parlour room and even the ground floor tea room have been converted into displays housing items like vintage travel clothing, a variety of black dresses and an evening gown collection, which includes party dresses and a large ruffled dress from the 1950's.

Turner, who scooped up some of the items from rummage sales and thrift shops, isn't selling any of the pieces. They're her actual wardrobe, items she wears to fabulous events like dancing at the Jazzmobile in Harlem or—no joke—a Victorian love letter-reading party at her apartment.

If you want to glare with jealousy at clothes you can't wear in a house that isn't yours, there's a 2pm reception at the home this Sunday, with suggested attire, naturally, vintage clothing. We're not sure if we want the property or the duds more, but either way, it looks like someone's going to be pretending they're in the market for a pricey home this weekend.
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56 Hamilton Terrace, New York, NY