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Paragon Sale; Street Scenes Sunglasses; Judging NYFW's Nightlife

Image via <a href="">Sample Sally</a>
Image via Sample Sally

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UNION SQUARE—Sample Sally checks out the Paragon sale. Go if you want hiking boots, ski gear, swimwear, workout clothes, or tennis rackets, but don't expect to find much in the way of sneakers. [Sample Sally; Dealfeed]

LINCOLN CENTER—We knew today's Street Scenes subject sounded familiar! Racked National profiled his sunglasses line back in March. [RNA]

NEW YORK CITY—Eater takes a look at the nightlife winners and losers of Fashion Week. If you follow fashion people on Twitter, you won't be surprised to hear that Don Hill's triumphed, as did the Boom Boom Room. Head over to see what other clubs managed to tap into the industry's collective need to put on improbable heels and get wasted on a sponsor's dime. [Eater]

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