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YSL Manifesto Update: The Tote Bag Is the Wristlet

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Photos by Cynthia Drescher for Racked NY

The YSL Manifesto giveaway at the YSL store on 57th and Fifth started 15 minutes earlier than listed on their website, which was quite convenient for anyone who showed up early anticipating a way. Oddly, that didn't seem to describe too many people.

A handful of ladies dressed in black jumpsuits cheerfully gave passersby white wristlets the size of a laptop case with the booklet of photos inside. And, when we say passersby, we literally mean confused folk who just happened to be wandering down 57th Street at 11:15am. Women, men, tourists, and a few stylish people who may or may not have been aware of the giveaway happily accepted their white envelopes, presumably acting under the assumption that if it's YSL and it's a free handout, it must be something.

So, what does this means for you? Well, it's not a tote, so unless you want a chic shoe bag for travel or the booklet of photos itself, don't go nuts. Do get there 10-15 minutes early, though, and be prepared to wait the full time—if the flagship was early, the tents might be late. They let us grab an extra, so there's a chance your pal employed in the Chelsea area might be able to help you out if you get stuck on an empty corner.

Insider tip from the YSL ladies: They have several teams working at once, so there's a handout taking place at The Standard Hotel right around now concurrent with drop-off at the Chelsea Market. Also, be aware that they might ask you to take a survey: We wound up filling out forms on how we feel about Daria Werbowy. For future times and locations, click here.
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