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YSL Manifesto Handout: Where's the Frenzy?

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By the time we made it to the YSL Manifesto giveaway at the High Line this afternoon, the team had run out of totes. They'd also moved from the park itself to the corner of 14th and Ninth, where they were yelling "YSL, YSL" and handing out the lookbook to anyone who walked past.

So has the public's desire for the handout started to wane? Or are people just not that excited about this year's wristlet shape? Writes one Racked commenter: "OK, is it just me, or does this bag kind of suck? I hate the wrist strap! It makes it completely unusable. I love the black piping, but what am I going to do with a pillowcase-sized bag hanging off my wrist?"

Then again, maybe YSL doesn't have any reason to worry. Another reader responds: "I just went to the Chelsea Market location, and all 2,000 were gone by 12:10pm. If you don't like it, then can I have yours?"
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