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Bloggers Love Sake: Timo Weiland's Swanky Afterparty

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Photos by Randy Ceballos for

Another day of Fashion Week, another slew of party photos. Late Sunday night we joined our friends at Fashionista as they co-hosted Timo Weiland's after-presentation celebration party at Chelsea's ultra-swank and semi-remote the Ohm (a new apartment building). Sponsored by Samurai Love Sake, the party featured a variety of sake cocktail options that tasted like iced gummi-candy but majorly kicked your ass. The scene was heavy on fashion hipsters, style bloggers, friends-of-Timo and a lot of people who probably live in Williamsburg. Designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein were in attendance and wearing their own designs (Timo's polka-dotted shirt was perfection) while air-kissing the whole entire room. Good times!
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