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Photog Bait of the Day: The Eyes Have It at Y-3

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Flash bulbs are the drug of choice during New York Fashion Week, for everyone from the models to the editors to the random passers-by outside the shows. Thus, there is much dressing for the camera, hoping that a lens focuses on the flamboyance. Each day during NYFW, we'll bring you the most obvious photog bait, as snapped by us.

The Y-3 shows (aka Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto) always brings out some of the best fashion plates, with drop-crotch pants and some more avant garde choices almost guaranteed in the crowd. But then this woman walked in, and despite her outfit of basic black, the photogs went wild. Why?

Take a look at her hat. Or rather, the fascinator. Or rather, whatever the heck it is. The black disc nearly obscured her face when she walked normally, which resulted in an unsettling effect with the eyes. Bonus points for us capturing the dude in the boy scout hat in the background; we've seen him wearing it around to several other shows, too.

Now help us out?is the disc-eye-hat on her a runway item we are failing to recognize, or do you think it's a DIY?
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