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From No Doors To Stores

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Cheikh Fall, a Senegalese man who previously sold hats, handbags and accessories from a table outside of the 59th Street Bloomingdales made the move that street vendors rarely do: He opened his very own shop in Harlem. Bare-bones with purses hanging on the wall and low lighting in order to save on electrical costs, the 879-square-foot store on Frederick Douglass Boulevard sells similar merchandise to what he used to offer on the street to passersby, but now, a glass panel separates him from customers. Just in case you thought fbSY was going to win the "weirdest store name" award for the day, the competition just got more fierce—Fall's store name is Ob'Prama, a fun combination of Obama and Oprah's names. But, then again, it's not like "Bloomingdale's" is a real word either. [NYTimes]